What Really Is The Matter?


What really is the matter? Why are you all bent out of shape, hurting yourself and hurting others? What has you all rattled, raging and slamming things around? Why are you so anxious, angry and spiraling from wrath to depression? What has gotten into you, or, what got to you? Who got to you? What was taken away from you? What were you dealt with? What did you have to suffer in silence? What continues to bring you down daily? What has you chained down to darkness? What has clipped your wings and broken your spirit? 

Seems like every day you have to find something to control, someone to berate and belittle. Seems like you always have to pick on someone, you always have to change things around, and things and people always have to be the way you want them to be, otherwise you transform into a stormy mood swings, talk with a condescending tone at others, and look down on them as if to shrivel them into irrelevant pieces. Everyone is stupid, everything is stupid, no one is as knowledgeable and as intelligent as you, and you and only you has all the answers. What really is the matter? Get to the root of it before it completely cripples you, and destroys every good thing you set your eyes on, and lay your hands on.

Something is wrong dear friend. If your high is to condemn everything and everyone around you, something is not right. Something is extremely wrong if your pleasure is to bring others down, and make them feel small. Something is really, really wrong when nothing, no one, is ever good enough. There is a serious problem when your fix is to place others under your feet to make yourself feel better. The truth is, you do not feel any better, at all. You can act like you do, even convince yourself that it feels good, but where has that gotten you? How has that exorcised your demons? It’s probably left you drained, alone and lonely. How about redirecting your energy towards why you are the way you are, be mindful that you are that way, and conscientiously, bit by bit, take care of it?

What happened to you? Who hurt you? What is the healing you need? Why are you pulling yourself down, and bringing everyone you meet, down with you? What is the satisfaction you gain from punishing yourself and others, with your pain? Is your rationale that others should pay the price for your demons, even though they had nothing to do with the events of your life eating up your soul, depleting your spirit, and tormenting your mind? What is your wound, injury, suffering, distress? Is your rationale that you deserve the throbbing ache and the burden that you bear? Or are you too afraid to face it; does it hurt too much, and so you hurt yourself, you hurt others? 

What really is the matter? Get rid of it before it takes you to a place of no return!


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What’s On Your Mind?


What do you soak your mind with? What do you water it with? What are the thoughts that you carry? How are they affecting you? Are you carrying positive thoughts about yourself? Are you harboring deeply seated negative thoughts about who you are, who you have become? Or do you carry brilliant thoughts about yourself?

What is on your mind, about yourself? Are you focused on how to better your life, or have you succumbed your mind to giving up and throwing in the towel? Have you committed your mind to building kindness, goodness, abundance of light, and, upgrading your levels of love and peace? Or, have you allowed your mind slip away into bitterness, unkindness, anger, abundance of darkness, degrading your levels of courage, joy and beauty?

Will you begin to  work on your mind today? Will you work on taking away the negative stuff and fill it with positive things? It is a decision that you have to make, to offload anger, envy, jealousy, and any other recognized ugliness within you, and upload your mind with happiness, serenity, solitude, tranquility. Will you fill your mind with good thoughts? Or, will the bad things continue to flow in and flow out?

Will you stop being judgmental of yourself and of others? Will you stop denying yourself the enjoyment of life? Will you stop being anxious, depriving yourself, and those around you, tranquility and peace of mind? Will you stop being so full of wrath that you constantly bring tragedy to yourself and to others? What is on your mind? What are you filling it with? Is it empowering or is it dis-empowering? Is it fruitful, or is it rotten?

Take the time to inwardly, not outwardly, beautify. Take the time to paint beautiful colors within. Take the time to build your heart, mind and soul with things that are noble and worthy, for your sake and that of others. Let the good things of life saturate your mind and permeate your life. Be mindful of what you fill your mind with. Be mindful of what you pour in. Be mindful of what you occupy your mind with.

What is on your mind? Make it beautiful, lovely, thoughtful and kind!


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What place do you escape into?  What habits do you hide behind?

What masks and facades do you put on?

What is your ultimate distraction from your pain, fears, anxiety and insecurities? 

What is it that you do to escape from your grief and heartache?

What is it that you do to get away from the reality and truth of your agony?

What fantasy do you transport yourself into, if only for a moment, to escape the reality of your situation?

What daydreaming mode do you transcend into, to avoid the truth of your condition?

How long will you continue like this? What will it take to jolt you out of it?

When will you choose to accept healing? When will you say yes to being wholesome?

Will you not fight for your life? After reading these simple, yet penetrating questions, will you drown yourself in a alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, sex, fantasy, anger, bitterness, anxiety and self-pity? What will you drown yourself in dear friend? Or will you make a decision to stop and rethink your escapism?

I am sure that you have discovered that none of your escapist methods and habits have really worked, at least not to the extent where they give you a clean slate to heal and start your life over again. Escapism is far from reality, far from the truth, and does not bring you the lasting peace, joy and love that you so hungrily crave and desire. It is most likely hurting you and those around you. Get rid of it. 

I hope that you will decide to stop escaping and instead, make the decision to gradually change, and live a fulfilling life; one where you have come to terms with whatever it is that is tormenting you. Face that torment, deal with it and lay it down, before it wrecks further havoc in, and damage to, your life. Escapism, pretending that the pain, torment, guilt, shame, grief, loneliness and emptiness do not exist, and that the accident and trauma did not really happen, will not do you any good dear friend. It will not bring you lasting relief. It is doing you more damage than good. Lay it to rest, breathe and live! 

Rethink your escapism. Gently confront your pain, day by day, until you overcome.


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Faithful Instinct


Our instincts to cope are perfectly normal. However, let’s be honest, some of the paths and habits we choose as coping mechanisms do not benefit us and others around us; loved ones, acquaintances, colleagues or strangers. We hurt ourselves and we end up hurting those around as well. The flip side of that, however, is that we also have to be careful who and what we surround ourselves with as we try to cope with our situation, because they might actually do us more damage than good! What then is the answer?

What are your instincts telling you to do? What is your natural instinct saying to you? If you search deep, it is probably taking you to a place you never knew existed deep within you. That place is your place of beauty, power, and magnificence, where you never realized how awesome you are. In other words, you faithful instinct, which has always been inside you, is telling you that in order to beat, destroy, overpower and overcome whatever it is that you are coping with, you must find the light inside you, even when you don’t see it, even though you may not know or believe that it exists inside you. But it does dear friend, and your faithful instinct has been waiting for you to discover that truth, the splendor that is inherent in you.  Listen to your faithful instinct dear friend; it is the guide, the path, the lamp, to your deliverance, salvation and liberty.

Your faithful instinct knows the good and the loveliness that reside inside you, and it is trying to reveal them to you. Don’t fight it. It is your true friend; your solace, your peace, wisdom, strength and joy. Don’t despise your natural, faithful instinct. There is no science, medicine or philosophy that is wiser or greater or better than your instinct. Your instinct knows you; your depth, your capacity and your power to will to yourself to live a fulfilling life.

Your naturally faithful instinct cannot force you, just people, as much as they mean well cannot, and should not, force you. It will guide you the right way. It knows your nature, it knows you. You will hear many voices giving you all the good advice in the world, but at the end of the day, you have to make the decision and determination to follow your faithful natural instinct, to look within and find that light that you carry, and allow yourself to emanate the most glorious part of you, which is your spirit, stronger than your situation, condition, label or diagnosis that you have ever received.

In the thick of the darkness and the depth of loneliness and despair, don’t you sometimes feel that tug to do better for yourself? I am sure you do. Listen to it, before your salvation is too late. In the midst of all the gloom and confusion, don’t you sometimes feel a pull telling you that you can get yourself out of their grip? Don’t you sense a beckoning from within asking you to get past all that has happened and live? I believe you do, the question is, will you listen?

Don’t you feel a resistance somewhere deep within you, wrestling against all the vices, bad thoughts, mental and emotional torment? You do, don’t you? You are wondering where it is coming from, after all you are too weak and vulnerable to resist any bad influence or terrible thought that comes your way. You’ve lived your pain for so long you might as well cave in, right? When you allow yourself to listen, you will hear faithful instinct coaching you on, and sense it buoying you up. You will catch on that it is awakening you to be in tune with your better yourself.

Your faithful instinct within is fighting for you for your dear life. No matter what, it will always be on your side. Follow it; that is the whole point of having one. Embrace it. Let it lead you out of your present darkness, depression, anger, violence, trauma and suicide.

Don’t just cope! Allow your natural faithful instinct to lead you to flourish! 


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More Resilient Than You Know


You are more resilient than you know, stronger than you think, or have been made to believe. If you would only look within, you will find that there is power deep within you to tap into. There is power available to you, power that resides inside you, to overcome and conquer sadness, grief, sorrow, depression, suicidal thoughts, and the things that you would rather not remember but are still festering inside you.

You are more resilient than the biases, stigma, stereotypes and boxes you have been placed in by others. You are more resilient than the rape, accident, domestic violence, verbal, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse that you have been subjected to.

You are more resilient than people thinking and believing that nothing good can come out of you. You are more resilient than the heat you are taking. You are more resilient than the circumstances that you have to bear. You are more resilient than the labels that you have been tagged with. You are more resilient than your own mistakes.

Take a minute to stop blaming others, to stop blaming yourself, and to stop blaming life. Look within you and find your resilience. Focus on coming out of the darkness and into the light. Stop making excuses and giving reasons why you can’t, and understand that you can find your resilience, and use it to your advantage to live a wholesome and fulfilling life. You do not have to continue wallowing in self-pity, or on what was done to you, or on how you could have done things differently. Why paralyze yourself? Why keep yourself chained down? I know that the pain is real, but you can beat the pain, or allow yourself to drown. Are you going to give up on you? No!

Tap into your resilience and excel!


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Trade That Condition


I am grateful that I am still here, despite my wounds. I am grateful that I am still here in spite of my pain. I am grateful that I am still here regardless of my imperfections. I am grateful that I am still here after much loss. Much loss. Are you?

You know, dear unseen and unknown friend, you could use your wound to open beautiful doors for you and others.You could use your pain as a ticket to love yourself and others.You could use your loss as a ticket to give abundance. You could use your grief to bring brightness and life. You could use your trauma as a ticket to make the world a dark and ugly place for yourself and others, or you could use it as a ticket to make the world a living hell for another.

Your pain, your wound, your trauma, your grief, are vehicles for deep self-reflection, and decision-making, and you have the power to succumb to returning pain for pain, anger for anger, violence for violence and hatred for hatred. But remember, you also have the power to trade all those destructive conditions for beauty, joy, peace and love. Those insecurities, those hidden secrets that are eating you up from the inside, gnawing at your mind, spirit and soul, you also have power over. You can overcome them, be free, and set others free, with a single change of mind, to drop the weight and unhinge yourself from the sadness, depression, shame and anger, that have become debilitating comfort zones.

Maybe if you never went through what you went through, you will never discover how amazing you truly are. Maybe if what happened to you never happened to you, you will not understand your true value and your true worth. Maybe if you hadn’t had that terrible experience you will never know what a gift you are to the world.

Your pain can be your ticket to uncovering your brilliant self, and what you are really made of! Your moment of tragedy is your ticket to self-evaluation and self-discovery, if you so choose. Maybe if, as horrible, terrible, violent and as traumatic as it was, if it did not happen, you would never realize how much the world needs you, broken up and all, yes, yet still, a balm, honey, love, peace and joy to many, because you understand pain and its depths. Perhaps if you had not undergone that grief you would never be able to see how fragile the world is and how strong you are. 

Think. Think for a minute, despite how crumpled, tired and faceless you feel, the very thing that hurt and still hurts you, could be your ticket to pouring healing power into a very, very, very hurting world. I know it hurts, but your wound is your ticket to knowing your worth and your value. You are more than gold. More than silver. More than diamonds. You are you! Priceless! 

Trade your condition and thrive!


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Merciful Perspective


What if your healing required you having mercy on the one that caused your pain or trauma? I mean, you having mercy on who ever violated you, hurt you in some form and fashion, or caused and created certain agonizing events in your life? Would you? Could you? Should you? WILL you?

What if instead of hating them, condemning them, you are prompted to show them mercy? What if that would set you free?

What if, for your healing to take place, you had to have mercy on them? Would you continue being justifiably angry, or would you let go and have mercy? 

What if by forgiving them, no matter what they did to you, you forgave them instead of holding on to bitterness, and you become whole again?

What if, by showing them love, (love? Yes!), you are able to experience the power of your uniqueness again?

What if, by showing them compassion, you are able to rebuild your life again?

What if by wishing them well, you are able to bring in beautiful moments into your world?

What if by blessing them, you are able to attract abundance of life into your life?

What if you mercifully tried to see their perspective, and why they did what they did to you?

Nonsensical perspective is it not? Such a hard, painful, almost impossible thing to do.

But in all that nonsense may very well lie your deliverance, healing, gift and purpose

If you cannot face them, you can release them, and yourself, on paper. Write it down. You know? And set yourself free!


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