Working with Sonia and utilizing her Eagle Eye Angel Writer Expressive Writing Services was truly a life changing experience. Over the course of time Sonia took my story, which began as mere fragmented paragraphs of rambling and developed them into the finished product; From Wandering to Walking in Faith: Breaking the Stronghold of Abuse   http://www.mosaicmagnolias.com/shop-books/
I’d be amiss to describe the experience as solely completing a book because it was so much more than that. Working with Sonia also activated not only my purpose but reawakened parts of my creativity. If you are wanting a book that’s not just “words on a page” but words that spark your reader(s), highlight your story to the point where it moves your reader(s) to action, touches the inner most being, heart and soul of your reader(s) and clearly defines your objective for writing the book; I highly recommend Eagle Eye Angel Writer Expressive Writing Services. Now, if you would just like to quickly throw page filling fluff together for the sake of saying, “I’m an author now”; please go somewhere else because Sonia will definitely require you to open your creativity to it’s true potential and “DO THE WORK!” so that your reader(s) experience your full potential and gifts.
Tora L. Spraggs
Owner, ToraNado Marketing
Founder of Mosaic Magnolias