The Creative Process


                                      HOW WE ARE GOING TO CREATE TOGETHER

I want to hear your story, your heart, your voice, your spirit and your soul, and that is what we will use to CREATE YOUR BOOK!

  • You contact me by filling out the CONTACT form below OR email me at:
  • I write back to you and acknowledge your initial contact
  • I email you and ask you for a paragraph of what you would like to express, and what you want the beginning, middle and end of your book to look like
  • I then call you and have a genuine, real and down to earth conversation with you I want to hear your story, your heart, your voice, your spirit and your soul, and that is what I will use to create your book
  • Give me 1-2 days to sit with what we have CONFIDENTIALLY discussed on the phone, and to read your paragraph (s), that way I can GENUINELY decide on whether or not I have the will and/or the ability to undertake your project. If I cannot, I will tell you. If I can, I will also tell you and send you a contract. I will not start work until contract and retainer fees are in
  • PART ONE: If the answer is yes, please pay the retainer fee. (Non-refundable)
  • After receipt of retainer fee, I will create your content page, bring your message to life, and come up with chapters and chapter titles for your book and send to you
  • PART TWO: If you like thus far, send back to me with comments and I will continue the work using your comments as guidelines. But before I do so, it’s time to pay first installment fees
  • Once I am done building your message with your comments, I will send back to you to read through
  • PART THREE: If you like what you see, and have final comments, send back to me and I will use your comments to finish up. It’s time to pay second installment fees

 Let’s work hard and produce your gift to yourself and to the world.



Eagle Eye Angel Writer Expressive Writing Services

Let’s Have a CATHARTIC Moment Together! I will assist you in expressing your heart, your soul, your feelings, and your spirit, into a book. It brings you healing, and your message will bring deliverance to others. What do I gain from this? Spreading and sharing in the healing with you and your audience.